Wednesday, 19 May 2010

this was a competition brief for the company "Hovis" the aim was to produce a product based on the Hovis brand that could be reproduced for under £20, i came up with the idea of a book so named "20 impractical uses for a loaf of Hovis" i tried to make it look like an old recipe book here are just a few illustrations from the book.

25 Inventions that didn't change the world

This is a book that i produced for my negotiated project entitled "25 Inventions that didn't change the world". i spent a week making up some pointless inventions that would have no practicle use in life and then began to illustrate them i started with 50 and cut it down to the 25 i liked best. there are some images here but to see the rest please use this link to go page by page through the book

"The Waste Land" (by T.S Elliot) project

quote from the wasteland  "here is the one eyed merchant"

quote from the wasteland  "these are the pearls that were his eyes"

quote from the wasteland  "old man with wrinkled female breasts"

quote from the wasteland  "smyrna merchant unshaven with a pocket full of currents"

quote from the wasteland  "a silk hat on a Bradford millionaire"

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Catalogue of Robots

These images are meant to be a humerus parody of 60's adverts and what people at the time thought would happen on the future with robots to do our bidding 

post card

the aim of this project was to produce a postcard for selfpromoton, myn is ment to be of some kind of eccentric invention it was the reason i choose my illustration name "Reginald Swinney".

Characters in Motion

project was to illustrate 5 characters in motion 4 human and one had to be an animal the characters had to be doing something that they would not do in there occupation  i chose to do A: Ballet Dancing Banker, Parachuting Pope, Fencing Farmer , Waltzing Window cleaner , canoeing cannery.

The lesser Spotted Wide Antlered Mallard

this image was for a weekly project where we had to produce a mixed animal illustration, hopefully it came across that this is meant to be a Moose and a Ducked hunted down and then made in to a taxidermy trophy on the wall in some manner house  of some famous hunter..